Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Law


"Journal of Public Law" is a fully open access, bilingual, internationally refereed, peer-reviewed and periodical journal based on the Public Law Department of the Faculty of Law of TSU.

The Purpose of the Journal

The aim of the journal is to encourage scientific research of national and international importance in the field of administrative and constitutional law in public law, to combine it in the form of a publication and to ensure accessibility to readers by integrating it into Georgian and foreign scientific bases.

Articles published in the journal should give scientific discussions on current legal problems.

Periodicity of Publication

The magazine is published twice a year, in January and July of the reporting year, as independent editions in Georgian and foreign languages.

Language of Articles

The scientific article submitted for publication in the journal must be written in Georgian, and the foreign language in English or German.

With the support of the donor organization or the Faculty of Law of TSU, the journal provides the translation of articles written in Georgian into English in agreement with the editors.

Journal form

The publication is published twice a year in electronic and printed form.

The publisher of the journal in printed form is "Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Publishing House".

Contact Information

Address: Ilia Chavchavadze Ave 3, 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia